a long distance relationship for violin and Eb clarinet

Duration: 7'

"Antiphon" (2018) was commissioned by Access Contemporary Music for Open House Chicago, to be performed in a spatial manner at the Newberry Library, a world-famous research library. The work was premiered on Oct. 13, 2018. The following program note was posted for the general public:

“Antiphon” calls across time, across cultures, across the plains and mountains of the American West.  The work was inspired by the Newberry Library: its architecture as well as its core collection focusing on exploration and the early history of the West.  As the two musicians signal and reach out to one another, listen for melodies that trace the Romanesque arches and extending horizontals. Perhaps, you can even imagine echoes of horses, trumpets, drums, cowboy yodeling and the lonely cry from the edge of the wilderness.

To order a score and parts contact Terra Non Firma Press


From the premiere performance at the Newberry Library, Chicago, as part of Open House Chicago, 2018. Cory Tiffin – clarinet, Violetta Todorova – violin.