Bull's Eye

Excerpt from a live performance at the Cornish College of the Arts, 2001. Performed by Irene Mitri, violin; Hugh Livingston, cello; Andrew Schloss, African percussion. 

Bull's Eye
for violin, cello and African percussion

Duration: 10' 

Instrumentation: violin, cello, African percussion (one player), performing on Thumb Piano, Talking Drum, two Cuban Bata drums, and Djembe.

"Bull's Eye", commissioned by violinist Irene Mitri, is an intricate rhythmic/melodic exploration that combines stringed instruments with African percussion. The underlying texture of the piece is defined by a specially-tuned Thumb Piano (also known as Kalimba or Mbira), containing a single row of tines. Alternating with this are three different drums. Appearing early in the piece is the Talking Drum, also known as the Dundum. This is an hour-glass shaped instrument that comes from Nigeria or Ghana. Later, two Cuban Bata drums are played at the same time. These are two-headed drums of African Yoruba origin (a large tribe in SW Nigeria.) The piece concludes with the Djembe, a large drum from Senegal, Gambia or Mali.

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