Performed by ALEA II at Dinkelspiel Auditorium, Stanford University, 1981.

for 2 violins, viola, clarinet, and piano

Duration: 7' 

Instrumentation: two violins, viola, A clarinet, piano, optional offstage mandolin

A "dybbuk" is a kind of demon or spirit similar to those we meet every day except that dybbuks are from Eastern Europe and speak Yiddish. The piece is about the delicate balance between retaining a tie with one's cultural heritage and assimilating into the mainstream of the New World, a central issue facing immigrant Americans.

"Dybbuk" was commissioned and premiered by the Composer's Forum and Chamber Music Conference of the East at Bennington. The taped performance is from a concert at Stanford Unversity by ALEAII. The piece has also been performed by the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra chamber players, Vancouver New Music and other groups.

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