Heartland Horizon

Heartland Horizon
for violin, viola and cello

Duration: 12' 

"Heartland Horizon" was written after a visit to Poland in 1987. The composer has provided the following notes, written after the fall of the Berlin wall.

In 1987, Poland, sometimes called "the heartland of Europe", seemed a country of discontents. A government ostensibly designed to create a classless society had in effect created a privileged class of beaurocrats. With recent events giving the Polish people a new life, it remains to be seen what is on the horizon; whether, along with the best of Western democracy, they will embrace the worst of Western materialism or find a more humane path.

Heartland Horizon is actually a sextet written for three stringed instruments, each playing two complete contrapuntal parts. The piece suggests elements of Yiddish folk music.

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