Schumann Variations

Schumann Variations
for computer-processed piano

Duration: 5' 

(co-composed by Christopher Penrose)

Instrumentation: Stereo recording




"Schumann Variations" is a short (five-minute) piece commissioned by Lynn Kirby to accompany her film "Three Domestic Interiors". The film takes us inside the private lives of three people: a young man, a young woman and an old woman. Similarly, the music takes an intimate look at a passage from Schumann's piano music. The piano is turned inside out, doubled back on itself and held up to a mirror. The result is a haunting sense of displacement.

Software used included the Music Kit's mixsounds program, the phase vocoder, and convolution.

Due to extreme deadline pressures on this commission, I enlisted the help of Christopher Penrose to finish in time. Christopher did variations 4 and 6. I did the rest. -- D.J.

For performance materials contact Terra Non Firma Press.