Student Works (1972-1977)

Various Student Works (1972-1977)


"View From Egg Rock," for violin, viola and cello—5' 

"Glacial Erratic," for two flutes, piano, clarinet, violin and cello—7' 

"Territory," a spatial work for two violins—11' 

"Phantoms in Focus," for one player playing piccolo, C flute and alto flute—7' 

"A Beginning," for chamber orchestra (fl,ob,cl,bn,hn,2 tr,3 trmb,vln,vla,cello,bass)—11' 

"Meditation," for cello, flute, and vibraphone—6' 

"...To Go Back to Where They Came From," for flute, clarinet, and bassoon—4' 

"Planes, Points, Lines," for percussion ensemble—10' 

"Baby Words," for four voices (SATB) with toy percussion instruments—6' 

"It was Very Cold," a theatre piece for one performer on a text by A. Artaud—5'  


"For the Last of the Whooping Cranes," for violin and piano—8' 

"Murmur of the Pine," for soprano voice and violin—3' 

"For Where the Railroad Rails Run Off," for solo violin—5' 

"Duet for violin and viola"—3'    

"Sonata in three movements," for bassoon and trumpet—7'  

"Energy Levels" for solo flute—8'      


"Two Little Piano Pieces"—4'      

"Shapes" for woodwind octet (2222)—6' 

"Trio for saxophones" —3'      

"Three Violin Duets"—7'    

Before 1974

"Piano Piece"—4' (1974) 

"String Quartet"—6' (1972-73)