Just Plain Folks Music Award - 5 Nominations

Pleased to receive five nominations in 2017 Just Plain Folks Music Awards, as follows:

Experimental Song - "Impossible Animals" (performed by Karen Bentley Pollick);

Soundtrack Song - "Racing; Against Time" (performed by Quarks!);

Soundtrack Song - "Terra Non Firma" (performed by me and Bay Area cellists);

Soundtrack Song - "Whoop for Your Life!" (performed by the Polish Radio and TV Symphony Orchestra of Krakow);

Soundtrack Album - "Wildlife."

All of the above except for "Whoop for Your Life!" are on the CD "Wildlife and other music for instruments and computers". "Whoop for Your Life!" is on "Cluck Old Hen Variations and other works for strings." Both are on Well-Tempered Productions label.

Not sure why I was listed in the "Soundtrack" category; guess it's the soundtrack of my life!