XXIst Century Mandolin


XXIst Century Mandolin
acoustic and computer music for the mandolin by David A. Jaffe

Well-Tempered Productions WTP-5164, released 1994.

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1] Grass Valley Fire, 1988
Modern Mandolin Quartet

American Miniatures
Emily Bezar, voice; David A. Jaffe, violin, guitar, mandolin, voice; Tom Pressburger, conga drums
2] I. Roads West
3] II. After the Battle of Bull Run
4] III. The Dust Bowl
5] IV. Gold
6] V. Neighborhoods

Ellis Island Sonata
David A. Jaffe, mandolin
7] I. Arrival
8] II. Ghosts from the Old Country
9] III. Progress or Poverty?
10] IV. Who are my People?

11] Silicon Valley Breakdown
computer-generated plucked strings

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