This page contains writings, interviews and lectures on composition, aesthetics, and computer music technology

KPFA Radio Interview, 1990

Not a "writing" per se but a radio interview on the KPFA Morning Concert, 1990, conducted by Charles Amirkhanian.

The following is excerpted from the KPFA Folio:

Composer-performer David A. Jaffe has bridged the gap between acoustic folk music and the world of cerebral computer music with a multi-stylistic approach. A Professor at Stanford University, where much of his work is produced at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA). Jaffe also worked with NeXT Computers on creating new types of music software. His composition "Impossible Animals" contains human voice timbres in the shape of carefully analyzed bird songs. He is interviewed by Charles Amirkhanian about his career. Also heard in this program is a recording by a 19th century Jaffe, the Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg, featuring both the traditional fiddle version and the Grieg composition for piano in an a-b-a-b arrangement.

Works included as part of the interview:

Telegram to the President
for string quartet and computer-generated plucked strings - Jefferson String Quartet

Impossible Animals
for chorus and computer-synthesized voices - Hamiltion College Chorus

Bird Seasons
for four voices - ALEA II ensemble

Ellis Island Sonata
for solo mandolin, 2nd movement: "Ghosts from the Old Country" - David A. Jaffe, mandolin

Grass Valley Fire, 1988
for mandolin quartet - Modern Mandolin Quartet