Underground Economy

From a performance by the Duron/Schloss/Mitri Trio, 2007.

Underground Economy
for Cuban improvising pianist, violinist, and Radio Drum

Duration: 10' 

Instrumentation: violin, piano and Radio Drum-controlled electronics, using Buchla piano bar and violin pitch and amplitude detection 

In "Underground Economy," the soloists interact with a custom software environment, giving them the freedom to explore and express their virtuosity in a manner that would not be possible with a conventionally notated score. The computer program functions in tandem with the score to define the frontiers within which improvisation can occur. In "Underground Economy," this process is extended to include the acoustic piano and violin, which are fitted with physical and electronic sensing devices. The result is an enabling of "underground" transactions between the performers, as they negotiate, trade, con and steal musical currency, ranging from individual parameters to entire textures. The piece was commissioned by Andrew Schloss with support from the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada. The piece was premiered by the electronic Afro-Cuban jazz ensemble, The Duran/Schloss/Mitri Trio, at Judson Church in New York City, February 4, 2007, at a concert sponsored by the Electronic Music Foundation. It has since been performed many times in Cuba, Canada and the U.S. at new music and jazz concerts.

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Duran/Schloss/Mitri Trio, Town Hall, Seattle, 2009